Podcast episode ”The-back- to-the-land movement in Sweden”

Den 21 februari i år var jag en gäst på finska Hanken School of Economics podcast. Jag pratar i avsnittet om statusen på ”the-back-to-the-land movement” i Sverige idag, delar insikter från intervjuprojektet ”Inte bara morötter” och delar med mig av mina tankar om framtiden. Avsnittet är på engelska. Välkommen att lyssna!

Podcast episode: ”The-back- to-the-land movement in Sweden” (33 minutes). Recorded 21th of February 2022. Guest: Sam Nygren
Excerp from the podcast
Episode about the-back- to-the-land movement in Sweden (33 minutes). Recorded 21th of February 2022. Guest: Sam Nygren. The episode was recorded by students as part of a course that the teacher Maria Ehrnström-Fuentes led.

What are your thought concerning the future? Do you expect a shift in people’s attitude toward a more sustainable life? Do you think that the back-to-the-land movement has an impact on it?

”This society isn’t sustainable, so a transition is coming whether we want it or not. It’s going to be a bumpy road, especially for those who are not already focusing on transformering their community into sustainable ones. But the back-to-the-lander’s you can say are the society’s life vests. What they are doing now on a small scale is crucial actually for the future. They are laying the foundations.”

You talked about localization earlier and how it’s opposed to globalization. Do you think we have reached the limit of globalization?

”Absolutely, of course we have reached the limit. For example, the planetary boundaries, that kind of picture, that makes its so clear that we have reached the boundaries, or crossed the boundaries, in so many areas or dimensions. We can’t keep growing the economy, it can’t keep growing as it does, we don’t have a planet to support that. Even though the way that the global economy works is that is thinks it doesn’t have to live within the planetary boundaries, but the planetary boundaries are the real boundaries that we have. The end of globalization is here. We will have localization in the future.”

Sam Nygren Ljud

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